• Woke

About the project

For the Woke Network, we designed a logo, an ID kit and a website. The project is a collaboration between author and speaker Daniel Pinchbeck, Matt Gould and film director Michael Canzoniero.

Here is WOKE’s mission, as outlined by Daniel Pinchbeck:

“Woke is a new network, unbeholden and independent, that reflects the urgency as well as the tremendous potential of this charged historical moment. Woke will both reflect and help support a new movement of engagement and rigorous inquiry. Initial content will be US-focused but designed with a global audience in mind. The recent election results in the US provide a huge opening and opportunity, making the need for “conscious content” even more immediate and urgent.”

With the logo, we aimed to clearly express the idea of awakening in a minimalist format that will be easy to apply in a range of media such as video and print.

The “O” became a reductive rising sun with a fill and a simple slice at its base. The sun rises iteratively as the slice moves up the O shape. Stark, serious, edgy, and current – the design suits the kind of content the Woke network plans on producing.