• Blank Space

About the project

We worked on numerous projects with Blank Space a creative media agency based out of Denver Colorado. Identity and website designs, social media campaigns, print collateral, and packaging designs were among the services we provided.

With Blank Space, we aimed to define the company’s vision and direction clearly through graphic design.

We developed their brand identity, and we also designed internal materials such as investor decks, newsletters, and proposal documents.

We explored a range of creative ideas for their own brand identity with the aim of visualizing how they work to shape and define client creative projects:

We thought about how a blank space is a design term for an empty space. How a blank space is an open space of possibility and potential. A space where a brand’s vision can be realized. A versatile, new space that can shape-shift as needed by a project.

We implemented these concepts in our layouts by using much space, bracketing space, and shaping space.